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What some our clients have to say….

Running a busy manufacturing workshop the past few decades, we’ve adopted CAD/CAM techniques with the assistance from Digital WAX way back in 2008 with our first Roland wax milling machine and Rhino CAD software. We found ourselves soon upgrading to a high resolution Italian DWS 028 3D resin printer in 2010, followed by a Formlabs resin 3D printer and the CounterSketch Software suite in 2017 – all of these supplied and supported by Digital WAX.

Staying ahead of technological advances in our industry has been a critical driver of our workshop productivity improvements and costing efficiencies.Even our sales process was completely overhauled with the advantages of CAD, photo realistic renderings and scale model resin replicas of the actual bespoke jewellery items we’re producing for our clientele.

In today’s consumer era of customization, quick turn-around times and pricing competition, unthinkable that any high-end jeweler has not yet fully embraced these technologies.Partnering with Digital WAX has made this journey of ours a pleasure!

Karl Louw

Bresco Diamonds (Pty) Ltd

I have been manufacturing jewelry since 1994 and in 2015 decided to take my business to the next level. I contacted Digital WAX and ordered a Formlabs 3D printer, The Form1+ and received specific instructions as to burn out cycles and preparation of my prints.

Since then, I have almost exclusively been using this technology for my manufacturing and it has revolutionized my business. The accuracy and ease is unsurpassed. What would take a week by hand can be done better and more accurately within 3 hours.

I highly recommend this to All serious manufacturers.

DF Josephs

DF Joseph Jewellers

I Have been in the jewelry manufacturing business for close to 20 years. About a year ago I purchased the Form 2 from Formlabs through Digital WAX. I have eliminated the need to employ another goldsmith as my production speed vastly improved. I print during the night and the next morning when I get to work my models are waiting for me. I found the backup I received from Eve very helpful and professional . I am very  satisfied with my purchase and would recommend the 3d printer any jeweler.

John was an early adopter learning basic Rhino and milling his rings on a Roland way back in 2007.

John De Later

Broadway Jewelers

I have been manufacturing jewellery since 2006 in the traditional way and in 2008 decided to take my business to the next level.I contacted Digital WAX and ordered my first JWX 10 it was mind blowing for my business and my clients were satisfied with the quality of workmanship. In 2017 I went to the next level and ordered The Form1+ and I received specific instructions as to burn out cycles and preparation of my prints, and which products to use.

I have been using this technology for my manufacturing ever since. It has definitely revolutionized my business. The accuracy of the models are a pleasure to finish off. I am now able to take in more orders as my output has increased considerably. I can highly recommend Digital Wax products and service back up, it changed my business for the better.



Rassie van der Walt

Kabod manufacturing Jewellers - Tzaneen

Von Wielligh Goudsmid has been hand crafting custom jewellery since 1982. From around 2015 we started to change over to digital manufacturing and never looked back. From designing software to 3D printing and printers Digital Wax has been with us all the way.

We have adopted the digital age through our company from sales to workshop, using the latest CounterSketch Designing software in store to design and render custom pieces before my clients eyes. Using the Form 1+ 3D printer to print overnight and cast the next day. With high resolution prints cleaning and finishing castings is easy, cutting production time and costs.

We will without a doubt recommend Digital Wax to anyone thinking about changing to digital.

Von Wee Meyer

Managing Director & Digital Jewellery Designer