Welcome to our world of 3D Design and printing.

Digital Wax has 16 years of experience in 3D Jewelry design and printing. (CAD/CAM)  We consult with Jewelers to set up their own CAD/CAM systems that suit their individual needs, from large workshops to small retail stores. We have tested our products from designing, printing to casting and burn out procedures.
On offer is a variety of 3D design software packages, for the seasoned designer to the absolute beginners as well as affordable 3D HD resin printers and High Definition Italian resin printers.

Paul Maree is a CAD/CAM specialist from technical 3D repairs to software training and back up. Digital wax has trained well over 6000 + jewelers in Jewelry design software and supports all their clients wherever they can. The process of Jewelry manufacture is changing and they are ready to help you make the transition.


Digital wax strives to support and develop all people within the SA Jewelry industry, embracing the digital future through service excellence to build a stronger sustainable jewelry industry by promoting  proven and improved Digital technologies and applications.


Empowering South Africa to create innovative quality Jewelry products.


Powerful software suites for design and rendering of concepts. Click for more information.


Rapid prototyping and wax milling machines that bring designs to life. Click for more information.